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Polish technical translations
Regular translations relate to all types of texts – including specialized and technical texts – translated for purposes other than official and judicial.

Regular translations are done by general, legal, finance and economic or technical translators (certified or not) with experience in a given field.

With difficult texts, requiring extremely specialized knowledge from a translator, we conduct factual consultations with a Customer or independent experts in a given field which is included in the price.

Standard regular translation page in the case of regular translation has 1500 characters.

Polish technical translations
Certified translations relate to documents and all other texts translated for official or judicial purposes.

In a certified translation a translator is obliged to describe the content and look of all stamps, signatures, watermarks and other marks of the original.

Certified translations are not delivered to a Customer in electronic version. In case of lack of the original, a fact of translation from a copy is noted down.

Each additional copy of a certified translation is charged 20% of basic price.

Standard certified translation page has 1125 characters; each started page is counted as a full translation page (Regulation of the Minister of Justice of 24.01.2005, Journal of Laws, no 15, item 131).

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